Guarita Terrace – Praia Verde, Algarve

This is one of my favourite spots to relax by the sea in the Algarve. With good music, you can visit during the day and enjoy a good meal with a wonderful view of the sea or visit at night to enjoy a good cocktail hearing the sound of the sea waves. The slogan of… Continue reading Guarita Terrace – Praia Verde, Algarve


Algarve – my favourite “petisco”

Hey guys, I am in the Algarve, south of Portugal, for some relaxing days. I just wanted to share with you my favourite “petisco”, tapas (in Spanish). Conquilhas!!! 😄 We usually eat this with bread, olive oil, bacon and chourizo. Ohhhh, how much I missed this? How many of you have tried this before? Don’t… Continue reading Algarve – my favourite “petisco”