Guarita Terrace – Praia Verde, Algarve

This is one of my favourite spots to relax by the sea in the Algarve, Guarita Terrace in Praia Verde. Praia Verde means Green Beach, this is because of the sea weeds that are very green.

With good music, you can visit during the day and enjoy a good meal with a wonderful view of the sea or visit at night to enjoy a good cocktail hearing the sound of the sea waves.

The slogan of the bar is “Tudo o que precisamos é amor e cocktails”, which means “All we need is love and cocktails”. I definitely recommend this place to anyone who visits the Eastern Algarve. If you are fancying a good cocktails night, you need to visit  Guarita Terrace in Praia Verde. Piña Colada, my favourite!   Check what to eat in the Algarve  
Piña Colada, my favourite!

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